Why am I different to other Services Available?

Unlike most other services similar to mine available online, I do not run as a scalable business. Your portrait will be created by myself, so rather than purely a painting, you will also have a credible piece of artwork.

As I do not run as a large business operation every client is special and I have no problems  discussing what you would like, customising the artwork to your preference, or arranging options which do not exist on the website for styles etc. Every piece of artwork is individual.

Can I request Image Changes?

You can request image changes any time before work begins on the portrait ( I will notify you  of when I will be starting work). Subsequent small adjustments can be requested at any time up to the point when your portrait is posted.

Costs for Adjustments and Changes?

This is on a case by case basis, in general small image changes will incur no additional charges, whereas major image changes will often incur an additional charge. However these are at my discretion.

Can I work from Original Photos?

Of course, this is done via post and I will return your original image with your painting. If the photographs are of sentimental value to you then please arrange for postal insurance. You may also be able to find a service to replicate your photograph (not a photocopy) at your local pharmacy.

Can you frame my Portrait?

Due to the risks & expense in sending glass in the post I prefer not to frame the portraits. You will receive the final work double mounted and cellophane wrapped.

However we can arrange for your Portrait to be framed if you wish to collect it (we can discuss frame styles), this will be done at cost and I will notify you before hand. I am located in Teignmouth, Devon.

How long does it take

In general most paintings will take a few weeks to complete depending on how busy I am. This can vary based on size and complexity. I will make you an estimate for completion and will always do my best to adhere to it.




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