How to Order

Make contact

First of all we get into contact, this is done via the contact page of the website.  This sends me your contact information so that we can discuss your portrait. This will generally be done via email, but we can speak on the phone if preferred.

Getting Your Picture

If you did not submit an image via the submission form initially then we can arrange between us a way of getting the image. The options availible include:

Sending an old Photograph to me

Sending me a picture via Email

Arranging for myself to take a photo (Extra costs incurred for travel & travel time)


At this point I have everything I need to begin work on your painting and I will send you an invoice for 20% of the total cost of your painting. This can be done via paypal or post (Post if you wish to pay by Cheque or Postal Order) this will be discussed as part of the contact phase.

Work Begins

I will now begin work on your painting and give you an estimated time of completion.

Work Completed

Once work is completed i will send you a photograph of the finished product. Any adjustments you may wish too make to it can be disclosed at this time. Once all adjustments are complete i will send you an invoice for the outstanding balance.

Payment Made

Once payment is made I will post your picture to you via courier. Should you wish to collect to avoid postage costs/receive your painting sooner dont hesitate to email me and this can be arranged.




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